Our Credo
    We develop and manufacture top quality cast room products. You market, sell and support customers. Together we provide our customers with top quality products with top quality local sales and support.
What we offer
    Top quality products accompanied by international certificates(CE and FDA)
Top quality marketing material including Detailing File which contains technical details and characteristics, comparison table with other products and sales point information, FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions), etc.
Top quality marketing support including training of sales representatives
What we expect from distributors
      Top quality market penetration in your region.
Top quality product presentation including participation in local medical trade fairs and orthopaedic doctors' conferences.
Top quality sales force, regularly visiting customers in your market.
What we need to know about your organization
(Please write one page of paper answering the following questions, short and precise is enough)
      Your organization, specifying sales force, markets supplied and actively covered.
What kind of products does your organization currently market and distribute?
What are your key sales channels?

Market size(in number of rolls sold per month or year) of Plaster of Paris bandage and synthetic casting tape in your region. Information on brands sold in your market and the retail prices are required.
Once you have become a distributor
      To remain as an exclusive distributor you are required to sell certain amount of products based on the size of your market and territory. We will discuss and finalize an Sole Distributorship Agreement with you.