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PrimeCast™ is a synthetic casting tape and more..
  PrimeSplint™ is composed of 8 layers of polyester casting strips and more...
PrimePOP™ is a high quality Plaster-of-Paris bandage made from super-fine gypsum powder and more..
PrimePOPSplint™ is a superb low-cost splinting product and more...
PrimePad™ undercast padding is made of 100% finest quality polyester and more..
  PrimeNet™ is a stockinette made of finest quality natural cotton to protect the patient’s and more..
PrimeCutter™ is a high precision low-noise, high speed oscillating cast cutter and more...
PrimeCrepe™ is highly absorbent of moisture and secretions and more..
  PrimeCOB™ is a highly twisted crepe yarn provides elasticity and extreme strength and more..
PrimePor is Hypoallergenic surgical adhesive tape for dressing retention and more ..
PrimeTrans™ is Hypoallergenic surgical adhesive tape for dressing and more ..